Check out ASCD Conference Sessions Online

ASCD’s Empower 2019 national conference in March featured a number of presentations that are now available on their website.  One presentation focuses on student self-assessment and reflection to deepen mastery.  These essential habits for good learning are often ignored or...
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Middle School Classroom Management

“Classroom Management” is always a hot issue for newer Sistema teachers.  We at The WE have argued in previous issues that those worries are largely misplaced.  Sure, there are some good basic teaching tools every teacher should know, but highly engaging musical...
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EDITORIAL: Don’t Ever Ask That Question Again

“Did you like that piece?”  “Tell me what you liked and didn’t like about that performance?”  I hear these questions asked of music students everywhere I go in Western cultures.  I hear that kind of liking/disliking question in most Sistema...
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Learning Global Competence

The World Ensemble takes its name seriously, recognizing our mission to connect the hundreds of programs around the world. We always hope our students are aware of, and excited by, being connected to students like themselves around the world.  This global-mindedness...
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Supporting Teachers in Their Possibility Thinking

Your program faculty is busy, no question about that.  But do they still manage to generate fresh ideas about new experiments to try to continually strengthen students’ motivation and achievement?  This article from Educational Leadership magazine provides a protocol for...
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Cultivating Creativity – A free e-book Resource!

In Sistema programs around the world there is increasing attention to developing creativity in our young people.  We recognize that developing compliant musical technicians does not accomplish the goals of El Sistema; we must nurture the bold creative spirits of...
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Developing Teaching Practices from Community Values

Sistema Whangarei/Toi Akorangi students mostly come from the local Maori community, with Pakeha (white Europeans) and some Asian students, and the program lives by practices that resonate with ancient Maori values, finding approval with the elders. We know that there...
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