Improve Student Behavior with these Three Steps

How do we get students to consistently behave during rehearsal? This article gives three reasons to tear down the old understandings of training student behavior, and suggests three non-punitive, non-shaming reliable ways to build constructive group learning practices: 1) “Take...
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“Kernels” of Social-Emotional Learning

The Wallace Foundation commissioned a series of analytic papers that draw on their major report, Navigating Social and Emotional Learning from the Inside Out, which examines the 25 most widely-used Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. In the United States and other countries,...
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Check Out The Musician’s Way Blog

The Musician’s Way blog by Gerald Klickstein carries a range of useful ideas for careers and teaching. He wrote two recent articles that you might find useful: 1. The Five Main Types of Performance Errors and How to Handle Them Mental Lapses....
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Letting Go of Control

In ASCD’s publication Education Update, author and longtime educator Nancy Steineke offers seven simple guidelines for effective classroom management. This is a key concern of new Sistema teachers (of ALL teachers, really), and the common-sense reminders in her article “Letting...
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Can we use more writing in Sistema programs?

Do you ever wish your students could do more writing in your program? It is good for their general learning, of course, but it can also benefit their music learning if used cleverly to deepen students’ relationship with musical ideas. ...
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Two articles on Classroom Management

Six Tenets to Successful Classroom Management, an article by Dr. Stephanie Knight, an experienced middle school teacher in struggling schools, provides simple, common sense suggestions that every Sistema teacher should use as part of creating a dynamic group environment. New...
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Gizmos for Strings

Sometimes there is a simple little solution to a consistent teaching problem.  Gizmos for Strings is a simple website that shares a lot of those creative solutions to problems you probably face when teaching strings.  Maybe there are gizmos that would...
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