Seminar on Research and Practice

Apply now for the 2nd Social Impacts of Music Making (SIMM) Research Seminar, focusing on the relationship between research and practice in social music projects. The international seminar will take place 25-28 November 2019, in Antwerp, Belgium. The research platform SIMM, the Antwerp Research Institute...
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Musical Study and Academics—a New Study

New research from the University of British Columbia (Canada) finds that students who study music do better academically in math, science, and English than do their peers who don’t study music.  There have been previous studies with similar conclusions, but...
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Arts Teaching Could Become More Important than Maths

Andreas Schleicher is the researcher who leads the Programme for International Student Assessment at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.  He is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost thinkers about the future of education around the world. The...
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Do you have students with musical dyslexia?

Many students struggle with reading—and of course, that’s true of some students in Sistema-inspired programs, too. Few teachers realize that seventy to eighty percent of students who struggle with reading do so because they are challenged by dyslexia. There is...
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A New Study Reports on Adolescent Health

A new study from The Lancet is the first in recent years to report on adolescent health looking broadly across 195 countries.  It finds an increase in obesity and anemia since 1990, along with reductions in smoking.  Find and read...
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Check out these two new research studies!

ArtsEdSearch is the largest collection of arts education research in the United States, and probably in the world. It is organized to help you be particularly efficient at finding research that directly addresses your topics of focus. Two new studies have...
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Exploring the Effects of Music on the Brain and Body

A new 12-minute film from Wired’s Tech Effects explores the effect of music on the brain and body.  It has several particularly interesting features for Sistema-involved people, offering brain science insights into the differences between the experiences of playing music, improvising music,...
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In-Depth Research Study of Portugal’s Orquestra Geração

Editor’s note: The Research Centre in Psychology of Music and Music Education (CIPEM) hosted an in-depth study of the Orquestra Geração program in Portugal, entitled Growing While Playing in Orquestra Geração: Contributions towards understanding the relationship between music and social...
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