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Teaching Challenge: 43 Tips for 43 Years!

The World Ensemble is excited to launch its first Teaching Challenge: In honor of El Sistema‘s 43rd Birthday on 12 February, the World Ensemble is collecting 43 innovative Teaching Tips and Ideas from Sistema teachers around the world. Be a...
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Celebrate Leonard Bernstein at 100 Together!

In 2018 the music world will celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of the American composer Leonard Bernstein. A brilliant opportunity dedicated to Sistema-Inspired projects will be to perform a special arrangement of “Somewhere” from “West Side Story.” Thanks to Bernstein’s daughter...
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Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project Extends to Greece

Six years ago, Carnegie Hall started the Lullaby Project, pairing pregnant women and new mothers with professional artists to create personal lullabies for their babies. The project supports maternal health and child development, strengthening bonds between parents and children. In...
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Music Leadership Academy in Michigan next Summer

Next summer The Archipelago Project will host a Music Leadership Academy in Traverse City, Michigan from 18-28 July. The Academy is for students in grades 5-12 and will focus on musical/social leadership, improvisation, arranging, and creative composition. Students will perform almost...
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Singing Their Way into New Connections

In March 2016, choir students from Bay Area Music Project in Alameda, California had the opportunity to collaborate with young instrumental music students from Music Heals International in Port au Prince, Haiti. Teaching Artists from both programs chose two songs (“We’re Going To...
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BOOK: When Grit Isn’t Enough

Grit. It’s a word that has been discussed in education circles for several decades, most recently as a suggested solution for the education gap in the United States. But what if “grit” isn’t enough? Linda Nathan is the first Executive Director of...
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Emerging Leadership Training Programs

There is a new trend in the U.S. Sistema movement: for a couple of years there has been increasing discussion about developing student leadership skills, and this autumn three programs launched new Fellowship initiatives with that goal in mind: 1)...
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FEATURE: Very Young Composers, Around the World

Can the core musical endeavors of El Sistema be enhanced by introducing the art of music composition?  At the New York Philharmonic’s Very Young Composers (VYC), we believe the answer is yes.  We feel that all music education is furthered by...
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