Latin America

Luthier Aspirations as Inspiration

The Ecole de Musique Sainte Trinite in Haiti reports that two of its students participated in a four-week luthier training program, which inspired the school to set up a workshop for aspiring luthiers. Sainte Trinite is also working on a...
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El Sistema: Music for Social Change

The new book “El Sistema: Music for Social Change” contains a variety of essays and is edited by Christine Witkowski, the founding Director of YOLA at HOLA for five years. The book includes program portraits from around the world, teaching...
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Arpegio Peru’s Orquesta de Barro: Music for Life

Arpegio Peru’s Orquesta de Barro made a second trip to Germany and Switzerland in March, where students performed a concert at the great Berliner Philharmonic, alongside the Droste-Hülshoff Symphony Orchestra. In Switzerland, the Orquesta worked to establish a long-term collaboration...
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Happy 41st Birthday, El Sistema!

To celebrate the 41st birthday of El Sistema in Venezuela, Fundamusical has compiled a film of clips from speeches and presentations by José Antonio Abreu, beginning with his talk in 1975 to the original “pioneers” of El Sistema: Ayer 12.02.16...
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We Are All Red and Together We Build Culture

La Red de Escuelas de Musica in Medellín, Colombia, is getting ready to celebrate its twentieth anniversary by publishing a book of stories told by members of La Red’s community. These stories recount how individuals, families and communities have been...
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