Latin America

Batuta Receives the Fair Saturday Award

In October, Fundación Nacional Batuta received the Fair Saturday Award as a recognition of its 26 years of transforming the lives of tens of thousands of children and teenagers through music and promoting music as a bastion of reconciliation and...
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Singing Their Way into New Connections

In March 2016, choir students from Bay Area Music Project in Alameda, California had the opportunity to collaborate with young instrumental music students from Music Heals International in Port au Prince, Haiti. Teaching Artists from both programs chose two songs (“We’re Going To...
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Introducing the Ecopetrol-Batuta Alliance

The Ecopetrol-Batuta Alliance will benefit more than 2,000 Colombian children and teenagers. Participants from the regions of Huila, Meta, Santander, and Casanare will receive general music, choral, and orchestral training, which will benefit community development in those areas as well...
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Batuta Welcomes the World

For Fundación Nacional Batuta in Colombia, 2017 has been a year of important international collaborations. The first was with Buskaid, a South African music academy founded by Rosemary Nalden that works with more than 125 students to ensure high quality...
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La Milagrosa Performs for the Elderly

La Milagrosa, one of La Red’s schools for strings in Medellín, Colombia, is preparing its third neighborhood tour. Students will spend a full day visiting local elderly homes, where they will perform a concert and spend time with the residents,...
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Batuta and Berklee Join Forces

Fundación Nacional Batuta has begun a collaboration with Berklee College of Music that will benefit young people and teachers throughout Colombia.  After a visit to Bogotá, Roger Brown, president of Berklee, voiced his support of a collaboration between Berklee and...
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EDITORIAL: The Gang for Music

We have been thinking about all the ways Sistema programs around the world create the group identity and cohesion that make possible the social development that is their ultimate goal. The World Ensemble is particularly rich in specific examples of...
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NEOJIBA Creates a Network to Connect

Nucleos Estaduais e Orquestras Juvenis e Infantis da Bahia (NEOJIBA) in Bahia State, Brazil, would like to create a network to connect students from different programs all around the world. NEOJIBA wants to use technology to connect children all over...
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Fundacion Nacional Batuta Partners with the British Council

Fundacion Nacional Batuta in Colombia has entered into partnership with the British Council. Their first project together will be the International Seminario in Music and Social Transformation, October 4-7, 2016, in Bogotá. The seminario will bring together academics, specialists, public...
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