Gather Together

FEATURE: All Together, Every Wednesday

The Gothenburg neighborhood of Hammarkullen, Sweden includes almost a hundred different nationalities and languages, and struggles with high unemployment, gang activity and drugs. In 2009, with the support of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Dudamel, we launched the first...
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Arpegio Peru’s Orquesta de Barro: Music for Life

Arpegio Peru’s Orquesta de Barro made a second trip to Germany and Switzerland in March, where students performed a concert at the great Berliner Philharmonic, alongside the Droste-Hülshoff Symphony Orchestra. In Switzerland, the Orquesta worked to establish a long-term collaboration...
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FEATURE: An Intensive Weekend Program in Japan

Many Japanese school-age children are occupied with after-school priorities imposed by their schools and parents; some examples are intensive after-school clubs and private “cram” schools for supplementary learning. Therefore, the Soma Children’s Orchestra and Chorus (SCOC) in Fukushima prefecture, Japan’s...
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Signed, Sealed, and Performed – Portugal and Venezuela

On October 17, 2015, an official protocol was signed between Orchestra Geração/Sistema Portugal and Fundacion Musical Simon Bolivar/El Sistema Venezuela. This step sealed the relationship between the historical founders of El Sistema and one of the first and most extensive...
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