Codi’r To: El Sistema in Wales, and in Welsh

By Carys Bowen, Coordinator, Sistema Cymru Codi’r To (Welsh for “raising the roof”) is a Welsh-language community project that delivers the world-renowned El Sistema program in areas of multiple deprivation in North Wales. Specifically, we seek to tackle disadvantage and...
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Ceding the Floor to Young People in Crisis Times

By Francis Gagliardi, Teacher, Facilitator, and Content Design, Young Leaders Program, El Sistema Greece Have you ever wondered what the future will be like? Will future leaders be more aware and empathetic? At El Sistema Greece (ESG), such questions never...
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Mentorship and Peer Collaboration at MusikSak

By Gabriella and Rebecca de Carvalho e Silva Fuglsig, Cofounders, MusicSak MusikSak is a socially motivated string orchestra program based in Aarhus, Denmark. Both cellists, we founded the program in early 2015 after visiting El Sistema in Venezuela in 2013...
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Strengthening Our Shared Humanity through Music

By Gerald Wirth, Cofounder and Artistic Director, Superar; President and Artistic Director, Vienna Boys Choir This school year and concert season end in strange circumstances for all of us around the world. For me, this momentous—and for so many, catastrophic—“pause”...
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The Power of the Arrangement

By Emma Oliver-Trend, Artistic Associate and Arranger-in-Residence, Orchestras for All I write as ‘Arranger-in-Residence’ for Orchestras for All—a U.K. music education charity that strives to remove the barriers that young people face in ensemble music-making by providing inclusive and accessible...
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Early Years Music in Sistema Scotland

by Jen Nicholson, Curriculum Leader Early Years, Sistema Scotland “…there is no such thing as a baby. . . . A baby cannot exist alone, but is essentially part of a relationship.” ~ Donald Winnicott, English paediatrician and psychoanalyst Winnicott’s...
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