Happy 41st Birthday, El Sistema!

To celebrate the 41st birthday of El Sistema in Venezuela, Fundamusical has compiled a film of clips from speeches and presentations by José Antonio Abreu, beginning with his talk in 1975 to the original “pioneers” of El Sistema: Ayer 12.02.16...
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Volunteer with Childs Play India Foundation!

Childs Play India Foundation (CPIF) helps over 60 disadvantaged children across four locations in India to learn instrumental and choral music. The program welcomes volunteers from all over the world for a ‘working holiday’. Most recently, CPIF hosted a music...
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Kudos to Aotearoa’s children and their aiga/whānau!

The New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage commissioned a research study of Sistema Aotearoa in Auckland. The findings affirm that students in the program advance beyond their peers in academic achievement, social development, and community identity. The report also...
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FEATURE: An Intensive Weekend Program in Japan

Many Japanese school-age children are occupied with after-school priorities imposed by their schools and parents; some examples are intensive after-school clubs and private “cram” schools for supplementary learning. Therefore, the Soma Children’s Orchestra and Chorus (SCOC) in Fukushima prefecture, Japan’s...
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