In Crisis, New Opportunity for Artists: The United Nations Wants our Help!

In an unprecedented move, the United Nations has just put out a “Global Call to Creatives,” asking for artists in all cultures to create art that communicates six vital public health messages about COVID-19. “Take these key messages,” it says, “and bring your own magic to them—a creative twist, a cultural quirk, an interpretation that helps amplify them to audiences we are not yet reaching.”

Seldom are artists given an opening of this magnitude. The U.N. is acknowledging the power of the arts to reach, touch, and persuade—and asking for our help.

To all our readers in the El Sistema-inspired and music for social change movement: this opening is ours to seize! Read the Call. Create a musical message with students or peers. Partner with the biggest intergovernmental body in the world—and explicitly mention the connection. In this moment of global crisis, our work may activate greater social change in the world than we ever thought possible.

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