Help Us Build the WE Virtual Library!

What is your favorite Sistema / Teaching / Music Book?  We all have that one (or two or three) book(s) that changed our lives as educators, program managers, musicians, or parents.  The WE Team would love to generate a list of these books to share with subscribers and on social media.

Our latest project is to build a World Ensemble Virtual Library.  So take a moment and send us an e-mail, tweet, or Facebook message with your book recommendation!  Some examples from our own bookshelves:

Child Development: How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

Classroom Management: Teaching with Love and Logic by Jim Fay and David Funk

Pedagogy (with lots of laughs): Teaching Music with Passion by Peter Boonshaft

Teaching Resources: Songs and Chants Without Words by Edwin Gordon

Music History: Rock Me Amadeus by Seb Hunter

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