Do you have students with musical dyslexia?

Many students struggle with reading—and of course, that’s true of some students in Sistema-inspired programs, too. Few teachers realize that seventy to eighty percent of students who struggle with reading do so because they are challenged by dyslexia. There is no research consensus on the degree to which dyslexia with numbers and words affects reading musical notation, but some researchers have found a direct correlation, which can even extend to auditory confusion, making it harder to understand musical sound sequences. Very often, students with dyslexia struggle in secret to keep up, and they are often mistakenly judged to be less capable and less smart. Here are two resources to help us become more aware of students who may be bravely trying to deal with this fairly common problem.

This website carries useful information about ways to help young people with dyslexia.

This article in SmartBrief by Donell Pons helps teachers spot middle and high school students who are hiding their dyslexia.

Date: 14 May 2019

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