The Frankfurt Declaration

Since 2006, The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) has been committed to advancing arts education for all learners, at all age levels, in formal and informal settings, and across all arts disciplines. This past October, WAAE convened in Frankfurt, Germany, where 180 leaders from 47 nations produced a document that was published a few weeks ago called The Frankfurt Declaration .
The declaration calls for “transformative action for arts education as being integral to sustaining communities and meeting the needs of all people in the face of critical global challenges.” This unifying statement of collective purpose marks a new phase in global awareness and social change. It is worth studying this Declaration to deepen the sense of alliance with the global voice, and to find clearer ways to contribute to its shared goals. Click h ere to read a summary of the conference from which the Frankfurt Declaration emerged, written by Creative Generation ’s Managing Director Jeff Poulin.
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