Free Arts Management Resources

As musicians and educators, most of us have a foundational sense of what we mean by quality in performance or teaching. A new, two-pronged research project, Quality for Culture, was conducted by Beth Ponte, a German Chancellor Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 2018-19.
This project provides a way to connect musical quality with administrative practices. Her white paper shifts the conversation about quality from a static, objective goal to a fluid mindset that has a variety of applications. She focuses on Quality Management as a topic and practice for arts organizations and recommends specific actions and tips to achieve a mindset for quality. The second element of her paper provides resources for improvement in areas ranging from leadership and engagement to evidence-based decision making and relationship management. The resource guide shares 180 online arts management resources such as toolkits, reports, guides, videos and online courses collected throughout over 13 countries. It reflects some of the best practices throughout various cultural organizations. For more information, contact Beth Ponte.


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