Teaching Optimism to Children

Optimism helps children deal well with difficulty, and we can teach it. This simple claim by Lorea Martinez, a special education consultant with expertise in socio-emotional learning, is described in the following article from Edutopia: https://www.edutopia.org/article/optimism-learnable-skill The article provides three primary...
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Why you and your students should… Take a Break!

Should you take learning breaks with students, even during a sectional rehearsal that lasts only thirty minutes?  Research suggests that maybe you should.  This article by Youki Terada (Edutopia‘s Editor of Research and Standards) summarizes a number of research studies that seem...
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#43for43 Teaching Tips: The First Nine

ONE: For beginner string players that are working on bowing patterns, I let students come up with their rhythmic patterns by asking them questions like “what’s your favorite sport” or “what did you have for lunch today?”.  We then bow their...
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Join the Dalcroze Institute this Summer!

Dalcroze Eurhythmics is used by Sistema programs around the world to complement traditional pedagogy.  It emphasizes rhythmic movement, careful listening, and improvisation, and unlocks creativity and activates music-making in balance with other kinds of study and practice. The Longy School...
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El Sistema Academy, Stockholm 2018

A paper orchestra? Who in their right mind would travel halfway around the world to learn how to construct a Paper Orchestra? El Sistema aficionados, of course. Josbel Puche was back at the El Sistema Academy this year by popular...
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Teaching Challenge: 43 Tips for 43 Years!

The World Ensemble is excited to launch its first Teaching Challenge: In honor of El Sistema‘s 43rd Birthday on 12 February, the World Ensemble is collecting 43 innovative Teaching Tips and Ideas from Sistema teachers around the world. Be a...
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EDITORIAL: “Good Job!”

“Good job!” As teachers – especially as teachers with a central goal of helping students develop self- esteem – how many times a day do we say that to kids?  In my private teaching practice, I too say it often. ...
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