Help Us Build the WE Virtual Library!

What is your favorite Sistema / Teaching / Music Book?  We all have that one (or two or three) book(s) that changed our lives as educators, program managers, musicians, or parents.  The WE Team would love to generate a list of...
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New MIT Research Supports Music Education

Research sometimes affirms (finally!) something you always knew was true.  So it is no surprise (but nice to have research confirmation) that a study from MIT affirms that early musical training in kindergartners does indeed boost their language-learning skills, particularly...
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Promoting Prosocial Behaviors

Many Sistema-inspired programs weave service into the life of their nucleos.  Students are expected to help others and assume the responsibility to serve the musical needs of fellow students (and sometimes their social needs, too).  A student in Music for...
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Cultivating Curiosity

New research supports our consistent focus on building curiosity in learners. Curiosity can help overcome disadvantages – it can be a crucial element in bridging the achievement gap, which is so hard to ameliorate using more administrative tools.  Curiosity is one of...
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The Busiest Spot on the Sistema Globe

We just passed the darkest part of the Sistema world year in the Southern Hemisphere and the lightest part of the year in the North—do you know what the BUSIEST place in the Sistema world is all year long?  It’s...
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Around the Sistema World with Hannah

Editor’s Note: Hannah Whitehouse won the extraordinary Circumnavigator’s Travel Study Grant at Northwestern University to study El Sistema-inspired programs around the world during her summer break.  Are you feeling the same admiration and envy that we do?  Hannah will write...
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Making the Case for Sistema at TEDxLuxembourgCity

Patricia Abdelnour, the Director of  Fundación Acción Social por la Música (Social Action for Music) in Madrid, Spain, recently gave a strong TED talk at TEDxLuxembourg City.  It lays out a strong case for Sistema programs with a global view of their...
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