Musicians On the Road

Does taking students to events that require travel make a difference to their learning?  A study of school students who went on regular “field trips” suggests that multiple arts-focused field trips produced significant academic gains.  The researchers admitted that they...
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Proven – musicians ARE smarter! 

Well…maybe in two ways, at least.  Working memory is the capacity to hold onto information even as you are processing it—to consider how it confirms, contradicts, and adjusts your previous knowledge.  This is essential to being a good learner.  Short-term...
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We Have a Gold Medal Winning Strategy

Adele Diamond, Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of British Colombia, Canada, studies Executive Function and cites the value of Sistema programs in developing it. She noted to us at The World Ensemble that Norway ran away with...
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Advantages found for Older Beginners

Sistema educators tend to believe it is best for their students to start young. But a new research study finds one advantage for older beginners. “The music classes offered during many children’s elementary and high-school education in America may result...
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Blue Ocean Shift Award Honors Paul McCandlin

In December 2017, The first “Global Blue Ocean Shift Award” was presented to Paul McCandlin for his work as conductor of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq (NYOI) from 2009-2014, and described in his book Upbeat: The Story of the...
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EDITORIAL: “Good Job!”

“Good job!” As teachers – especially as teachers with a central goal of helping students develop self- esteem – how many times a day do we say that to kids?  In my private teaching practice, I too say it often. ...
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