Around the Sistema World with Hannah

Editor’s Note: Hannah Whitehouse won the extraordinary Circumnavigator’s Travel Study Grant at Northwestern University to study El Sistema-inspired programs around the world during her summer break.  Are you feeling the same admiration and envy that we do?  Hannah will write...
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Making the Case for Sistema at TEDxLuxembourgCity

Patricia Abdelnour, the Director of  Fundación Acción Social por la Música (Social Action for Music) in Madrid, Spain, recently gave a strong TED talk at TEDxLuxembourg City.  It lays out a strong case for Sistema programs with a global view of their...
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The Value of Failure

How can we help turn “failure” from a crisis into a learning experience for kids? We know that teaching for “growth mindset” helps this, but it’s not so simple. New research illuminates the complications for students of financially- and socially-struggling...
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12 Tips on How to Practice by Wynton Marsalis

As teachers, we often spend so much time teaching technique, ensemble skills, and notation, that we easily overlook teaching our students a key musical concept: how to practice! If you need a place to start, check out these 12 Tips...
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Attending Music Performances Improves Well-Being

People who teach in Sistema programs believe in the power of making music, and perhaps we should also emphasize the power of attending live music events.  A new study by behavioral science professor Patrick Fagan at Goldsmiths, University of London, and the...
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Teaching Optimism to Children

Optimism helps children deal well with difficulty, and we can teach it. This simple claim by Lorea Martinez, a special education consultant with expertise in socio-emotional learning, is described in the following article from Edutopia: https://www.edutopia.org/article/optimism-learnable-skill The article provides three primary...
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Why you and your students should… Take a Break!

Should you take learning breaks with students, even during a sectional rehearsal that lasts only thirty minutes?  Research suggests that maybe you should.  This article by Youki Terada (Edutopia‘s Editor of Research and Standards) summarizes a number of research studies that seem...
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