Exploring the Effects of Music on the Brain and Body

A new 12-minute film from Wired’s Tech Effects explores the effect of music on the brain and body.  It has several particularly interesting features for Sistema-involved people, offering brain science insights into the differences between the experiences of playing music, improvising music,...
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In-Depth Research Study of Portugal’s Orquestra Geração

Editor’s note: The Research Centre in Psychology of Music and Music Education (CIPEM) hosted an in-depth study of the Orquestra Geração program in Portugal, entitled Growing While Playing in Orquestra Geração: Contributions towards understanding the relationship between music and social...
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Students and Trauma

Many young people experience trauma; it affects them even when they hide it and their teachers don’t know of it. This is especially likely for students who participate in Sistema programs, because so many of our students live in communities...
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Strong Research Affirmation of Sistema Approaches in Scotland

The Glasgow Centre for Population Health has just published the most recent findings in their long-term independent evaluation of the impacts of Sistema Scotland and its Big Noise programs. The report, entitled People Change Lives: Consolidating five years of evaluation learning from Sistema Scotland’s...
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Learning Global Competence

The World Ensemble takes its name seriously, recognizing our mission to connect the hundreds of programs around the world. We always hope our students are aware of, and excited by, being connected to students like themselves around the world.  This global-mindedness...
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Cultivating Creativity – A free e-book Resource!

In Sistema programs around the world there is increasing attention to developing creativity in our young people.  We recognize that developing compliant musical technicians does not accomplish the goals of El Sistema; we must nurture the bold creative spirits of...
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Research on Learning

In 2000, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released “How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School.”  The private nonprofit organization has been surprised by the way educators have embraced its findings, and recognizes that for the last 18 years...
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Finding Relevant Research—A Partial Answer

Around the world, we hear that Sistema advocates have trouble finding research about music learning to inform their thinking and advocacy.  In addition to the many articles found at The World Ensemble, There is one source that is widely recognized...
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Why Sistema Helps Students Improve In Math

Recent research affirms that Sistema-inspired programs in the U.S. help students develop what is called “executive function,” a set of skills that enables a learner to manage her learning more effectively. Now, new research from Penn State University finds that...
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Getting Smarter about Praising Students

Growth mindset. The psychological research on its importance makes it a priority for all Sistema programs to understand and pursue.  But conservatory teaching is often the opposite of growth mindset practices, so conservatory-trained Sistema teachers have the challenge of teaching...
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