Check Out The Musician’s Way Blog

The Musician’s Way blog by Gerald Klickstein carries a range of useful ideas for careers and teaching. He wrote two recent articles that you might find useful: 1. The Five Main Types of Performance Errors and How to Handle Them Mental Lapses....
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Letting Go of Control

In ASCD’s publication Education Update, author and longtime educator Nancy Steineke offers seven simple guidelines for effective classroom management. This is a key concern of new Sistema teachers (of ALL teachers, really), and the common-sense reminders in her article “Letting...
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How do you assess quality in your program?

How do we think about quality in our Sistema-inspired programs, in any arts learning programs?  How do we evaluate it?  These questions and many more lay at the heart of a two year study by Ingenuity in Chicago.  Ingenuity is...
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Gizmos for Strings

Sometimes there is a simple little solution to a consistent teaching problem.  Gizmos for Strings is a simple website that shares a lot of those creative solutions to problems you probably face when teaching strings.  Maybe there are gizmos that would...
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Saying “Cheese” to Improve Learning

Do you smile enough when you are teaching?  Gustavo Dudamel has said one of the core principles of Sistema teaching is to never forget fun.  Are you having fun when you teach, and do you show it to your students? ...
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The Importance of Social and Emotional Learning

Sistema programs dedicate themselves to the “socio-emotional development” of young people, through intensive musical learning.  A new special issue of the journal The Future of Children (from The Wallace Foundation’s Knowledge Center) examines social and emotional learning both in school and after-school settings,...
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Executive Functions and Sistema, Continued

In the last issue of The World Ensemble, Adele Diamond’s article on the importance of developing Executive Function in Sistema programs prompted significant response.  Here is further research that concludes that music education does indeed develop executive function (a crucial skill...
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Join the SIMM-posia!

The first Social Impact of Music Making Research Seminar will be held 5-9 November in Helsinki, Finland at the Sibelius Academy Training Center.  This seminar allows post graduate students and early-career researchers involved in ongoing research on the possible role of...
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Help Us Build the WE Virtual Library!

What is your favorite Sistema / Teaching / Music Book?  We all have that one (or two or three) book(s) that changed our lives as educators, program managers, musicians, or parents.  The WE Team would love to generate a list of...
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New MIT Research Supports Music Education

Research sometimes affirms (finally!) something you always knew was true.  So it is no surprise (but nice to have research confirmation) that a study from MIT affirms that early musical training in kindergartners does indeed boost their language-learning skills, particularly...
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