FEATURE: All Together, Every Wednesday

The Gothenburg neighborhood of Hammarkullen, Sweden includes almost a hundred different nationalities and languages, and struggles with high unemployment, gang activity and drugs. In 2009, with the support of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Dudamel, we launched the first...
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El Sistema: Music for Social Change

The new book “El Sistema: Music for Social Change” contains a variety of essays and is edited by Christine Witkowski, the founding Director of YOLA at HOLA for five years. The book includes program portraits from around the world, teaching...
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Arpegio Peru’s Orquesta de Barro: Music for Life

Arpegio Peru’s Orquesta de Barro made a second trip to Germany and Switzerland in March, where students performed a concert at the great Berliner Philharmonic, alongside the Droste-Hülshoff Symphony Orchestra. In Switzerland, the Orquesta worked to establish a long-term collaboration...
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Happy 41st Birthday, El Sistema!

To celebrate the 41st birthday of El Sistema in Venezuela, Fundamusical has compiled a film of clips from speeches and presentations by José Antonio Abreu, beginning with his talk in 1975 to the original “pioneers” of El Sistema: Ayer 12.02.16...
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Best, Next and Radical: Practice in Participatory Arts

The Third International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC3) brings artist educators together from around the world for three days, just after the ISME (International Society of Music Education) conference in Glasgow. ITAC3 is in Edinburgh, Scotland, August 3-5, with the theme...
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WOW, what a beautiful setting to make Big Noise!

The Symphony Orchestra of Big Noise Raploch, near Stirling, Scotland, was invited by the The William Walton Foundation to perform at La Mortella on the Italian island of Ischia, as part of the Festival of Youth Orchestras. This opportunity for...
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