Mozambique’s Xiquitsi Program Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary

Xiquitsi is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and is using the marker to share its work with a wider audience and public, in its home of Mozambique and in other countries.  They have had a five concert series in this celebratory year—an ambitious expansion of their previous concert offerings.  This anniversary year has been one of new accomplishments.  For the first time in Mozambique, they performed Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  The founding teachers could never have imagined that skills would grow fast enough to make this possible within five years.  One of their composition students, Estevão Chissano, had two of his works performed in concerts in 2018—pieces for solo violin and string quartet.  This composer has already make a historic mark: last year, in 2017, Mozambique celebrated the 130th anniversary of the capital city, Maputo, with the premier of a Mass composed by Estevão Chissano, and performed by the Xiquitsi Orchestra.  This was a historical event for Mozambique as it is the country’s first known classical music composition.

Xiquitsi also participated in the biggest classical music festival in Africa (Stellenbosch Chamber Music Festival).  The Festival happens in South Africa, and ten Xiquitsi students participated.  Six international musicians visited the program to teach and enrich their performances.  And three Xiquitsi students participated as interns in the Festival da Primavera in the city of Viseu, Portugal.  The Xiquitsi students Kleyd Alfainho (viola), Florêncio Manhique (cello) and  Inerzio José Macome (cello) were selected based on their exemplary efforts in the Xiquitsi project during the previous year.  The Xiquitsi community has dedicated their five year anniversary season to Maestro Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu – “founder of our father project, known as ‘El Sistema’ that has served as inspiration to Xiquitsi and many more programs across 65 countries around the world.”

Date Published: 27 October 2018

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