Cultivating Creativity – A free e-book Resource!

In Sistema programs around the world there is increasing attention to developing creativity in our young people.  We recognize that developing compliant musical technicians does not accomplish the goals of El Sistema; we must nurture the bold creative spirits of our learners if we are going to achieve our top mission of social change.

“This is the creative generation, and if you do research on the jobs that are popping up these days there are many more in the creative fields.” – Jon Bergman

Here is a free 68-page e-book, packed with the best of what educators know about nurturing creativity.  It has background and research overviews, advice, and interviews with 27 of the foremost thinkers about creativity in education.  Take a look and see what ideas you can adapt to your program to help them succeed in achieving our primary Sistema goal—creating new possibilities for young lives.

Does creativity really matter out there in the working world we are preparing our Sistema students to enter?  After learning from the e-book Cultivating Creativity introduced above, you might want to take a look at this recent report from England’s Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre about the realities of creativity in the workforce.  Bottom line findings by their researchers – creative skills are very important, increasingly important, for our Sistema students to have as they move into the workforce, whatever employment pathways they choose.

Date Published: 10 February 2019

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